Once upon a time in a city of dreams, comes Pop Academy of Music; a high school for the next generation of media-savvy singers. Each one wanting to follow the destiny of their famous parents.
But while most schools have nerds, jocks, and geeks. The Academy has, Singers, Pop Stars, and Artist, along with Freshman and Lottery winners called Newbies. A school where climbing up the social ladder of music is no small task.

One Newbie student, Alley, stumbles upon a call to destiny when she connects with four other Newbies. They form a band called, The Alley Pop Girls. The call to destiny will not be easy, but it sure is a lot more fun when they create music together; there is no right or wrong, discovering your destiny is the road to self-discovery. Each girl must do this for themselves and as a group

Alley Pop Girls

Katie Katie- Loves a little country in her pop music. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.

Candi- Loves Latin pop and hopes to be just like Jennifer Lopez when she grows up.

Li- Loves all things K-Pop

Sky- Sky is a rocker and hopes to one day sing with the pop Star “Pink”

Alley- loves pop-classic-soul. From Adele to Rihanna, she loves it all!

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