Have you ever heard of the Count? More commonly known as vampires, they survive by drinking human blood. In order for them to live, someone else must die. The human from whom they drink in turn becomes a vampire, thus creating a vicious cycle.

Many people believe vampires exist, but of course there is no proof of this. They have become a folk tale passed down from generation to generation. However, we can use a math equation to prove to your family and friends that there is no such thing as vampires.

This is how you do it. Let us pretend that that vampire Count Dracula has to bite one person each week in order to stay alive. Remember: everyone that is bitten also becomes a vampire. This would mean that in the first week, the vampire bites one person, which leaves us with TWO vampires.

1st Week = 2

The second week, each of the vampires has to bite someone. Both people that are bitten become two new vampires. This means at the end of the second week, there are FOUR vampires.

2nd Week = 4

In the third week, Count Dracula bites another person, so now we are up to four vampires created by him. These four vampires also have to bite one person each (for a total of four victims), which means they will create FOUR MORE VAMPIRES.

3rd Week = 8

Can you see how quickly the numbers multiply here? Each week the number of vampires that Count Dracula creates adds one to the number of total vampires who, in turn, will also have to feed that week, thus doubling the number of vampires. If you keep this up as the weeks go by, the numbers grow unbelievably high.

How high can it get, and how quickly? By the tenth week, there would be 1,024 vampires. By the twentieth week, there would be 1,048,536. By the thirty-second week, there would be 4,294,967,296. Yes, that is over four BILLION vampires. That number is even more astonishing when you look at how many weeks it would take to get there. Thirty-two weeks is barely over half a year!

Using these numbers, how long would it take for things like bitterness and backstabbing to affect the whole world? Conversely, couldn’t we use the same idea so that we can cause the spread of things like love, happiness, peace and joy?