Ronnie and the Rowboat

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 4.6

The harbor was bustling with excitement as all the boats and ships began their busy day. The cruise ships gathered people, speedboats surfed the waves, and even yachts sat relaxed on the watery surface. Every boat seemed to be doing something exciting, except for Ronnie the rowboat.

Since rowboats weren’t very common anymore, no one seemed to want to take Ronnie out for a row. He also didn’t have many friends, because all the others were very popular boats. While Ronnie pouted in the harbor, he spotted a sad tugboat sitting alone in the corner. Ronnie rowed over with a big smile.

“Hi, I’m Ronnie the rowboat,” he said cheerfully.

“I’m Tammy the tugboat,” she replied. “I want to go on an adventure, but no one else does.”

“I do!” Ronnie was so excited that he rowed himself in a circle, which made Tammy giggle. Together, they decided to go out into the water in search of adventure. Ronnie rowed as Tammy tugged her way through the water. When they were far enough from shore, they decided to stop and look around. Ronnie spotted a speedboat racing by and suddenly beamed a smile.

“I want to try to be a speedboat!” Ronnie exclaimed. Tammy watched as he wiggled his back end like a kitten ready to pounce, before rowing really fast through the water. As his paddles hit the water once more, he tumbled forward and landed upside down. Tammy laughed as she hurried over to help Ronnie right himself up.

“That was really fun!” Ronnie said with glee. “Your turn!”

Tammy peered around and spotted a cruise ship swimming by with hundreds of cheerful people onboard.

“I want to pretend to be a cruise ship!” she giggled. “All aboard!”

Tammy sat perfectly still on the water as dozens of ducks flew over and landed on her back. She started to swim forward, but realized that it was a little tricky. The ducks kept moving around on her back as she tried to stay upright. She began to sway back and forth as suddenly, Tammy tipped right over! The ducks quacked as they flew away. Ronnie burst out laughing as he helped Tammy right herself up.

“I guess it’s a little harder to be a cruise ship,” Tammy said with a giggle, watching the water pour off her. “What should we try next?”

Just then, they both spotted a yacht resting very still in the water. They quickly found their favorite positions as they imitated the yacht. After a few second, Ronni let out a great big moan.

“Being a yacht is so boring!” he groaned.

“My whole body just went to sleep. I have that tingling feeling everywhere!” Tammy agreed. “We’d make the worst yachts ever.”

That’s when Ronnie realized how happy he was being a rowboat. Even though other boats seemed to have a lot of fun, he was great at rowing and Tammy was amazing at tugging. Instead of wanting to be something else, Ronnie began to row happily through the water. This time he stayed upright the whole trip. Tammy quickly joined him as she found a massive piece of wood to tug. They were happy being themselves.