Pity party

“That’s it,” says Miss Bordaine. “I’m tired of this attitude! If you can’t behave and listen to what I’m saying, then you’re going to have to face the consequences. No computer. I don’t want you on it for a whole month!” Clair wails, “a month? That’s so long!”

“You should have been better behaved,” says Miss Bordaine. “Go to your room, Clair, and think about what you’ve done!”

Clair goes to her room, just like she was told. But, when she gets up there, the young girl can’t think about anything but her punishment.

“No computer,” she sniffs. “How unfair! How cruel!”

“My mother gave me worse when I was your age,” says Miss Bordain. “You should consider yourself lucky.”

Clair sniffles and weeps. “Lucky? I’m not lucky! I’m miserable! This is horrible!”

Miss Bordain sighs. “Alright, Clair. I’ll make a deal with you. You can have a party with all of your friends – but the day after, I don’t want to hear anything else from you. One day to complain, and then nothing else until you aren’t grounded!”

That night, Clair carefully picks out twelve of her closest friends to invite. She wants to make sure that this party is a big success! She sits up late to draw invitations. On the front, there’s a picture of Clair crying.

The invitations say, you’re invited to my pity party. Please bring lots of pity.

Clair hands the invitations out at school. All twelve of her friends agree to come. They all feel very sorry for Clair.

“I can’t imagine losing my computer for so long,” says Cady.

Aaron says, “neither can I!”

“It’s horrible,” says Clair. “And I only have one day to complain about it!”

When her friends show up, Clair leads them through the party games. They play Pin the Frown on the Clown. Trisha gets so dizzy that she falls over!

Next, they play emotional bowling. Every time Clair knocks down a bowling pin, she gets to act out the emotion that’s been painted on it. She laughs, cries, kicks her feet, and throws the biggest fit that anyone has ever seen.

Finally, they play dunking for misery apples. The apples are very sour. Kevin eats three of them, and then has to go home early because he isn’t feeling good.

It’s the best pity party that anyone has ever thrown.

The next morning, Miss Bordain works Clair up extra early. She says, “I hope that you’ve gotten all that fussing out of your system. I want nothing but smiles from you today!”

Clair thinks back on her party the night before. “Alright, mom. Nothing but smiles.”

In the bathroom, Clair spends an extra long time washing off her face. She wants to make sure that all of the pity gets swept down the drain.

“I wonder what today will be like,” says Clair. She uses her fingers to twist her lips into a smile. “I’m not going to pity myself at all. One month without a computer – it can’t be that bad!”

Clair’s reflection smiles back at her.

“Today is a new day,” says Clair. “And it’s going to be a great day, too!”