What you need

  1. Visit the Sozo Music Teaching System Link
  2. Put your piano stickers on your keyboard
  3. Download Sozo Sheet Music
  4. Download Mp3 Listening File
  5. Download Sheet Music
  6. Download Midi File for the Sythesia Piano for Everyone Game. (Requires keyboard and computer)


  1. Have your child listen to the mp3 File twice a day
  2. Have your child practice the Sheet Music for 15-30 minutes a day
  3. Once your child can read the music, upload the midi file to Sythesia and have them practice at 50% speed until they can play it at 100% with 95% accuracy.
  4. Introduce a new song every week

Daily Lessons ( 5-6 days a week)

  1. Listen- Listen to mp3 file of the song of the week and any previous weeks. ( If this is week one, you will only listen to 1 song as the weeks progress you can add more and more songs and burn them to a CD that you can play for the child just before bed or early in the morning.)
  2. ┬áReading Music Practice- this week sheet and up to five songs ( after week 6 you must rotate the songs so that you practice the older songs only 2-3 days a week. ) Write the information in the child’s practice long) 15-30 minutes. ( up to 1 hour for older children with longer attention spans.)
  3. Playing by Ear Practice-once your child can play by reading the music. Your child is ready to move on to playing by ear. You can do that 1 of two ways. Remove the sheet music and have the child continue to play the piece over and over again or you can upload the .mid file to synthesia game and let the child practice through the keyboard and computer and once they have it pat. Have them practice on the keyboard without sythesia in order to practice form.