Phat Cat Christmas Brat

Written by. T.S Cherry

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Once upon a time, there was a Cat named Phat Cat who was excited to celebrate
her eighth birthday. Her family and friends would roll out a big birthday cake and tell her to make a wish. Little did they know, Phat Cat already had a wish in mind. In fact, she was so excited about it that she couldn’t help but tell them.

“I want to be Santa Claus!” Phat Cat shouted.

Her friends said she should think about wishing for something else, but she refused. She thought they were trying to change her mind simply because they wanted to ruin her dream. When in reality, it was because they thought Phat Cat was special enough, just by being herself. They couldn’t understand why she wanted to be anyone else.

Her best friend, Tinka Cat, came over to her house and tried to make her see reason.

“Phat Cat, you’re my best friend! You should realize that being Phat Cat is cool enough. You don’t NEED to be Santa Claus. You can write your own story,” Tinka Cat said.

“But I want to be Santa!” Phat Cat whined.

“You’re being such a brat!” Tinka Cat huffed. “It’s because you don’t see how special you are! No one can perform like you.”

Tinka realized Phat Cat would not listen. Seeing no point in staying, Tinka stormed out of Phat Cat’s home without even saying good bye.

That night was a very sad night for Phat Cat. All she could think about was what Tinka Cat had said. Phat Cat KNEW she was special, but she still wanted to be Santa Claus! Why did everyone think that was so wrong?

The next morning, Phat Cat plopped down on her throne-like chair as her family and friends gathered around and sang, “Happy Birthday.” Soon it was time for Phat Cat to make her birthday wish.

“Hold on, I want to say something,” Phat Cat said. “My birthday wish is . . . to bring others gifts and to have my own story told!”

Everyone cheered, realizing what Phat Cat’s wish meant. She had finally accepted how special she was.

Phat Cat signaled for everyone to listen to her. When the crowd was silent, she said, “I also have another gift for everyone!”

“What is it, Phat Cat?” Tinka Cat shouted with curiosity.

“I will deliver the gift of music to all the Keynotes…and to all the girls and boys…to all who need it and will use it,” Phat Cat said.

The crowd broke into cheers again. They were so proud of Phat Cat; it was the sweetest thing she had ever done.

“I’m the Phat Cat Christmas brat!” she said with a snicker.

Later that night, at the Christmas Eve party, Phat Cat told everyone that she wanted them to be the first recipients of her birthday wish. Everyone was excited to hear this, so they gathered around a stage and waited for Phat Cat to perform.

The room was silent. Then, suddenly, the stage began to blaze with lights, and out popped Phat Cat with a song! As music played and Phat Cat sang, the Bass Clef Emerald Cats sang in the key of “C” with joy.

Phat Cat gave everyone the best gift she could possibly give on Christmas Eve – thus starting a new tradition for all Keynotes and human alike—Christmas Caroling to our delight.

And the best part of all about her wish was that, without even realizing it, Phat Cat basically DID become Santa Claus, in the end, by bringing so much joy to so many.