G.I. Joe Major

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 6.4

As war continued in Iraq, GI Joe Private Major was one of the most dedicated members of his platoon. He tried his best to keep everyone safe from enemy fire; but most importantly, he tried to keep everyone alive.

His mission was made all the more challenging when ISIS directly attacked his men. As GI Joe’s platoon made their way through the dust and rumble in the streets, they peered into every crevice and hole for danger. They didn’t know where chaos was going to strike next, but they knew it would strike.

As they turned the corner where a half blown up building served as a shelter for several women and their families, they suddenly heard something clank to the ground.

“Did anyone see where it came from?” GI Joe asked his platoon.

“Negative,” they all responded, their eyes peeled for movement.

 They continued down the street; then another object clanked into the streets. As his men peered around for the source of the noise, two great explosions erupted quite close to them. They didn’t have a chance to react as their bodies were thrown across the street.

GI Joe was the first to come to his senses. After inspecting his body for damage, he realized that he only had one leg. His left leg was now cut off just above his knee. GI Joe screamed out in pain as he searched around for the rest of his platoon. When he spotted his best friend lying limp on the ground, he turned over onto his stomach and crawled towards him. It was tough for him to drag his body, but he needed to know that his best friend was alive.

When he finally reached his friend, GI Joe grabbed his side and yanked the man onto his back. He gasped when he realized his friend wasn’t breathing anymore. Panic set in as he stared around at the destruction and chaos.

After GI Joe was rescued, he spent months in a rehabilitation center. He remained quiet and isolated as he healed, because he felt extreme guilt that his men were injured under his watch. As he carried on with healing his body, he was approached to be part of a very unique experiment. The secret government agency wanted to recruit GI Joe to become a super solider.

“What would I need to do?” He asked wearily, not sure if he trusted their offer just yet.

“You’ll take a uniquely formulated serum called MatriStem, which will allow you to heal at a rapid speed,” they explained to him.

With nothing left to lose, GI Joe decided to take them up on their mysterious offer. He had no idea what to expect, but he knew it had to be better than where he was now.

After taking the serum and going through even more vigorous training, GI Joe found himself stronger than ever before. One time, during the first week of training, GI Joe miscalculated his speed and was struck in the shoulder with a bullet. He suspected that he wouldn’t be able to train for several months while his shoulder healed, but he was back at it the very next day!

It only took him two months to completely hone his new abilities, much faster than any one could have anticipated. With his new supernatural strength and healing skills, he was ready to go back into battle.

Although he was gone from war for several months, GI Joe had no reservations about going straight to the frontlines. Since he had these new abilities, he wanted to make sure that what happened to his best friend would never happen to another soldier under his watch.

As he led his new platoon through the shattered streets of Iraq, he could see five other platoons making their way through similar streets nearby. Everything seemed quiet and still, like something dangerous was brewing below the surface.

Without warning gunfire and explosions erupted in every direction, surrounding the six platoons in a circle of chaos. Realizing it was an ambush with nowhere to take cover, GI Joe set himself apart from the others in order to protect them. He used his new skills to sneak attack through the enemy lines and take down every assailant he crossed.

As the gunfire and explosions slowly began to cease, GI Joe was suddenly struck in the stomach by enemy fire. The other members of the platoons joined forces to help take down the remaining attackers, but were amazed that GI Joe didn’t even miss a step. He carried on defending the men as if nothing had hit him.

When they were sure no other assailants were in the area, the six platoons escaped with no casualties. For his immense strength and bravery for getting the platoons out alive, GI Joe was promoted from Private to Major, a feat he could never have accomplish if he hadn’t become a super soldier. Although he was honored by the promotion, saving the soldiers from imminent death was the true reward. He vowed that as long as there was a fight to be fought, he would be there to protect the soldiers.