Alley as Ella Fitzgerald : Summertime

Since school was out for the summer, Alley decided to make the most of it. She wanted to do everything she wasn’t able to while in school, starting with singing every chance she could get. She hurried over to Katie’s house, who lived on the next street over.

She pounded on the door until it opened. Katie rubbed sleep out of her eyes as she smiled at Alley. She had clearly just woken up.

“Do you want to go to the park, Katie?” Alley asked, eager to get the day started. With a big yawn, Katie nodded back.

“Sure, let me just change out of my pajamas,” Katie said. She disappeared back inside and remerged with a light summer dress. The girls skipped to the park an found it empty. They hopped ono the swings and began their race to the top.

“Have you been practicing any new songs lately?” Katie asked.

“I’ve actually been practicing an opera song! Do you want to hear it?” Alley offered, which Katie eagerly said yes to. Alley cleared her throat and began to belt out her opera song. Although her voice sounded nice, Alley didn’t feel comfortable singing the very high notes. As she tried to lower the register, her voice cracked and she quickly stopped.

“That was a great attempt, Alley!” Katie exclaimed, trying to motivate her friend. “Do you want to try a different genre?”

“Maybe… I was also learning a blues song…” Alley said, but she didn’t feel as confident anymore. Katie waited patiently for her friend to begin singing. However, it only took Alley a few seconds to stop. Her voice didn’t fit blues.

“I’m never going to find a genre that fits my voice!” Alley exclaimed, growing very frustrated with herself. She could her eyes welling up with tears. When Katie noticed, she hopped off her swing and gave Alley a massive hug.

“Don’t cry, Alley. One of these mornings you’re going to rise up singing!” Katie said with a smile.

“I don’t know about that…” Alley muttered.

“Shush! You’ll find your voice soon. And when you do, you’ll spread your wings and take to the sky,” Katie stated.

Although Alley still wasn’t convinced, she decided to forget about her troubles and have a fun day out with her best friend. They continued to play in the playground until it was time to go back home for the night.

Alley was upset that she couldn’t pinpoint her singing voice, but she wanted to give Katie’s advice a try. She went to sleep thinking about all the different genres she could try.

The next morning, Alley woke up to another beautiful day. She stretched out and cleared her throat. She decided that she would start the day off by singing a rock song. As she belted out the song, she realized by the chorus that rock wasn’t for her.

She wasn’t happy, but she didn’t want it to ruin her entire day. Katie was right, it wouldn’t do her any good to just cry about it.

The very next morning, she tried to sing a folk song. Although Alley felt like she was getting closer to finding her voice, folk still wasn’t exactly right.

Alley was getting a little worried when a week passed without having found her voice. She met up with Katie in the playground again.

“Katie, what do you think about pop music?” Alley asked her friend.

“I think you should give it a whirl. You’ll never know until you try!” Katie said with a smile.

Alley took a deep breath and let her voice soar. She sang a beautiful pop song that even got Katie dancing. When she was finished her song, Katie jumped to her feet and cheered for her musical friend.

“Encore! Encore!” Katie exclaimed. Excited, Alley belted out another pop song and Katie clapped even louder. “I think you found your voice, Alley!”

Alley was beyond mesmerized at how well her voice fit the pop song. She was beaming with pride and excitement as she continued to sing the rest of the day. She finally found her beautiful musical voice.