Avarice and Envy

There were two neighbors, who were well-known for their character flaws. One man was full of avarice, while the other was eaten up with envy.

One day the men decided to come before Jupiter and pray for him to grant their hearts’ desire. Jupiter resented these flawed men having the nerve to ask him to grant wishes. So to punish them both, Jupiter agreed to the deal, but with one condition: each man could have whatever he wished for himself, but the other man would get twice as much. He was not surprised when both men agreed to the deal.

The man of Avarice wished for a room full of gold. As soon as he uttered this wish, it was done, but his joy turned to grief when he learned that his neighbor had TWO rooms of the precious metal. Still, in front of his neighbor, he made it appear as if all things in his life were glorious.

Then it came time for the Envious Man’s wish. Unable to stand seeing his neighbor happy, the Envious Man prayed that he might have one of his eyes out, so that his companion would be totally blind.

Vices are their own punishment