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10 sites for free children’s E-books

10 sites for free children’s E-books written by: Lind1988 for Tiil Books

As a parent, instilling a reading culture in your child is certainly one of the best decisions you can ever make. Reading opens up a child’s mind in a manner in which only few things can. As a child reads, they first of all get exposed to new information . This consequently expands their knowledge base. Besides knowledge, reading also stirs up a child’s imagination and gets them to think beyond their current setting. You can awaken your child’s creativity by getting them to read more and more books.

In regards to reading, accessibility of books and reading materials has never been easier. Thanks to technology, you can now access online as well as through other digital forms. This is a contrast to the earlier years when reading meant purchasing a book at a bookshop or a trip to the library. It’s even way better now as you cannot only access E-books but also access most of them freely. If you’re ready to get your child reading e-books, you can check out these 10 amazing websites which offer free children’s E-books:


For any parent who really wants their child to get interested in reading and to benefit while at it, is certainly the place to look. This incredible website has books and reading materials for kids of all ages. You’ll find here books for children as young as 3 as well as those meant for older kids and teenagers. is not just like any other free books website, it’s one that is driven by a mission to help kids get the most out of their reading. It purposefully selects books which improve a child’s awareness and imagination and even their grammar and language skills. Their books are filled with interesting and child-friendly which will take your kid to a whole new world of imagination. Expect captivating fictional ideas, color, and even whimsical characters in their huge collection of books. In addition, you will also find lots of books touching on various matters of social importance.
Most of the books at are completely free and can be downloaded or read online. The few of the books can be purchased in Print for an fee.


This is another great website in which to find free books. They offer arrange of free E-books in online readable formats or in PDF. The site also has a number of audio books on offer. You can check their kids category and select some books for your little one to read.


This is in essence a children’s online library. They have loads of books which are viewable online. They offer books on a range of subjects including poetry and art.


This website mainly targets babies and toddlers. They have a colorful albeit small collection of free books which appeal to children of this age.


This is another recommendible website especially for parents with preschoolers. They offer free material which help children learn topics such as the alphabet and household items. Their content is viewable online.


This is an ideal website to find free books for primary school children. They offer an extensive collection of free E-books on OFF format. You can also find a few books which can be read online. What’s outstanding about Children’s Books Forever is the fact that they offer books on practical and relatable topics. They for example offer books touching on bullying and other social topics.


This website can help you keep your child busy during the school holidays. They offer free E-books on categories which appeal to small children such as fairy tales and rhymes.


This is a kids for kids website. There are hundreds of free books here which are written by children themselves. The books are categorised in different genres and can be downloaded or accessed online.


ePub Books offers a large collection of classic books. These are mostly fairy tale stories which suit children of all ages. The books can be downloaded on ePub formats.


Library of Congress aims to foster literacy among kids as well as grown ups. It maintains an enormous collection of children’s classic literature. You can access these at their website

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