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Tiil Books

Religious and academic publishing house Tiil Books is dedicated to improving literacy across the globe by making free ebooks, audiobooks and videos available to children of all ages.

Free eBooks and Audiobooks from Tiil Books Promote Children’s Literacy

Books have been the single greatest repository of human knowledge for many centuries. The billions of words found in the millions of books hand-crafted and published since the Middle Ages tell the myriad stories of thousands of human cultures past and present.

The form of a book has remained basically unchanged for all these centuries until the advent of the ebook and audiobook in the 21st century. However, note that this change in form reflects more than just the appearance of books, it reflects how modern technology has grafted useful new functionalities onto this longstanding knowledge source and teaching tool.

Religious and academic publishing house Tiil Books is dedicated to improving literacy across the globe by making free ebooks, audiobooks and videos available to children of all ages. Our goal is to also begin delivering printed books as we keep in mind that millions of poor children in the US, Europe and many developing countries start life at a major disadvantage as they do not have access to modern technologies like the cell phone and educational resources such as ebooks and audiobooks.



The Important Mission of Tiil Books

Given the decline of religiosity in today’s world, Tiil Books believes that making the Torah (the Jewish holy book) accessible and relevant to the current generation is a pressing need. The key problem is that Torah stories have declined a lot in popularity today relative to secular stories with similar themes and life lessons. The board of directors at Tiil Books believes the solution to this problem is to transfer the important social and moral principles of the Torah stories and recreate them in a more entertaining modern context.

Tiil Books mission is to provide children with access to a variety of imaginary worlds, ideas and engaging characters influenced by important Jewish cultural and religious principles. The goal is to make the books and short stories modern, relevant and exciting, but still true to Jewish heritage and culture.

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Tiil Kid Books

Free eBooks and Audiobooks for Kids of All Ages

History and sociological research have made it clear that a well-rounded education is the key to personal success as well as the best way to effect important social change over the long run. That is why Tiil Books decided to offer a range of lively, educational electronic books for children from age 3 to young adult (ages 3 to 18) for free.

The miracle of the internet allows children in schools and homes all across the world to have access to these educational resources at no charge. Access to valuable educational resources gives these kids the chance to get a decent education at an early age so they don’t fall so far behind their wealthier peers when they get to school. Moreover, a number of studies have shown that children who get in the habit of learning at an early age enjoy greater academic and professional success throughout the rest of their lives.

As of November 2017, there are more than 40 electronic books for children and young adults available for download for no charge at Tiil Books. Some of the most free popular titles available from Tiil Books include The Lunar Princess series, Apple Decisions, Moses: the Sword of Light, Alley Pop Girls, Journey Through Time, The Apothecary, and Raising God’s Children.

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